27 Jan

Ex Pats In the Jungles of Costa Rica

Recently some wonderful friends of mine John and Karen from Kitchener Ontario, Canada once again visited La Terraza. They were on their way to their romantic and quaint Bungalow in Escaleras very near to Dominical Costa Rica. Escaleras, a small community that branches off the coastal road, is famed for its sweeping views of the...
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3 Nov

The Amazing Race!

Im sitting on my veranda looking over the tropical grounds this evening; it suddenly crossed my mind how crazy our innate desire to quickly complete stages in our lives can be.  If you take a good look back into the past, you will remember that when you are about 4 years old you can’t wait to...
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11 Feb

An Ex-Pat Widow in Costa Rica

An Ex-Pat Widow in Paradise When my husband and I first visited Costa Rica we had no plans of living life without each other. It seemed quite sudden that Charles, my husband of 47 years passed on to the next level.  I believe there are three levels to our existence on earth, birth, life and death....
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25 Mar

African Americans Need to Travel

It really is not an option. Travel is education.  Education in the United States in the schools that I attended erased the history of African Americans. They have since added some information in recent years, but with limits.  The only black history stories I ever heard talked about were of 3 or 4 blacks who...
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13 Jun

Costa Rica living

If you clicked on this blog, then you are among the millions of people looking at the possibility of coming to Costa Rica to live. My husband Charles was a dreamer, every time we went on vacation he would fall in love with the place. We were always looking for that final destination after retirement....
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