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26 Apr

Costa Rica living

If you clicked on this blog, then you are among the millions of people looking at the possibility of coming to Costa Rica to live. My husband Charles was a dreamer, every time we went on vacation he would fall in love with the place. We were always looking for that final destination after retirement. It never mattered where we went, Charles would mentally settle there. We never realized that one of the reasons we had contemplated purchasing a home, was because we were mentally operating in the vacation mode. When you go on a vacation from that nine to five grind we call a job, everything looks good. Commitments, obligations and responsibilities bring on, attitudinal change.
When you are on vacation things look so great, you are happy, carefree, relaxed and at peace with the world.
Costa Rica is a great place to visit. As an American you have to adjust to how things are done.
Socialized government, most of us from the US don’t know what that means. We are not mandated by law to do most things. We can decide our course of life and pursue it, often without limitations or challenges. We have the freedom to be free, sure we have challenges. As Americans we have a shoot, kill and eat attitude. We are Johnny get your gun and Annie Oakleys, all rolled in one. We are from the wild, wild west. If we don’t like something we get a sign and start walking to Washington, D.C.
Costa Rica is a great place to live. The climate is absolutely the best I’ve found. The people are genuinely nice.
The biggest mistake most of us make when we come to Costa Rica is making our assumptions. You can’t assume. Their laws are different, we are not used to them and it is very important to investigate before investing. If I want to drive my van to Panama, I need to get permission.
Ladies, ladies, ladies, male chauvinism is alive and well here in Costa Rica. The law of two twentie for one forty is not a saying here, it is a fact. The women here are still washing their husbands shoes and getting up at 4:00 am to prepare his breakfast. Oh yes, plus many of them are working now.
I laugh when people call me asking questions about living here. Most of them don’t want to know the truth. They want me to paint some sort of vision from heaven picture, where everything is right with the world. Costa Rica is not heaven, the same devil running around in the US, also lives here. The only difference is he speaks Spanish.
My consultations are free, but if you come to my B&B here in Grecia, there is a charge for your room.
I’ve been living and doing business in Costa Rica successfully for 10 years, and it amazes me, how many Americans come here to live based on information on the intosta Rica we have not had a drive by shooting.
It’s been an experience living in Costa Rica. This is the only country I’ve lived in, that a stop sign means go. Costa Ricans are discretionary abiders of traffic laws.
Every year I vow not to tell people what it is really like to live in Costa Rica, they just don’t want to hear the truth.

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