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Just minutes away from La Terraza Guest House are some of the most awesome tourist attractions.  Many of the tourist attractions featured here are less the 45 minutes from our door.  There are many other locations of interested possibly not listed. Contact us before your arrival and we can help you customize your vacation/tour plans.  We offer chauffeur service to most sites. Our driver speaks both English and Spanish.  At la Terraza we can offer packages listed at cost less than most tourism agencies.

Grecia Central Park

Locals say that the best climate in the world is located in Grecia, Costa Rica.  “Grecia” means Greece in Spanish.  Grecia is an important tourist destination also due to the Cathedral de la Mercedes.  The Church  is a unique red metal church, which is a deep dark red color Gothic style made from metal pieces that were imported from Belgium as long ago as the 1890’s. The Cathedral de la Mercedes is as beautiful from the inside as it is impressive from the outside. Painted in a delightful light blue, the church’s interior is decorated in small colorful illustrations.


A pleasant day trip from the capital city, Grecia tourists are drawn to Sarchi for a number of reasons. The beautiful flowering trees along the mountain road, keep you stopping for photos!

The beautiful hand made oxcarts and other beautiful hand made furniture has made this lovely mountain village famous. Sarchi is a wonderful place to see Artisans at work, and stock up on goodies! There are several good restaurants near the shops and an excellent little seafood restaurant in downtown Sarchi, which also has some large souvenir shops as well


Just about 20 Km north from Grecia, through Sarchi and Narango is Zarcero, a little valley agricultural town famous for its cool weather, pine trees, organic veggies, peach jam, dairy farms, homemade cheese and the charming topiary garden in front of the town’s white and red church. In 1960, gardener Don Evangelisto Blanco began to trim the bushes in Parque Francisco Alvardo into fanciful shapes – elephants, birds, rabbits, oxen and cart, a monkey on a motorcycle and even a tunneled walkway with sides like giant Hershey’s Kisses. The work of one man, who has spent the past three decades converting what was formerly a soccer field into a whimsical garden of magic and wonder.


Puntarenas is the name of a port city located on the Pacific Coast and covers and extensive amount of territory with white sand beaches. It’s the largest Province of Costa Rica and its located 75 miles (120 km) west of San Jose. Puntarenas means “Sandy Point”. It is a long narrow sand spit that is an extension of the Nicoya Peninsula and juts out into the Gulf of Nicoya, only two blocks wide at its narrowest point. To the south is the open end of the Nicoya Peninsula with mild surf hitting the beach, which can be crossed by taking a ferry.

Volcan Poas

located just 45 minutes from La Terraza Guest House Botos Lagoon is a filled-up crater in the Parque Nacional Volcan Poas. Its deep blue waters contrast with the dense tropical forest that surround it, making it the perfect spot for the stereotypical Indian sacrifice- throwing a young maiden into the mouth of a crater or a lagoon. Volcan Poas is one of the most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica, because of its proximity to San Jose and because of the luxuriant forest that surrounds the two craters. The park measures 5600 hectares, and this basaltic volcano stands at an altitude of 2708 meters (8,200 feet) above sea level.

Other tourist locations accessible from La Terraza Guest House B&B with in less than 2 hours are as follows:

Many other locations of interested not listed. Contact us and we can help you with your vacation tour plans. We offer chauffer service to most sights. Our driver speaks both English and Spanish.
Listed at costs less than most tourism agencies.