Plan a Family Reunion in Costa Rica

Plan a Family Reunion in Costa Rica
17 Sep

Plan a Family Reunion in Costa Rica


One of the important privileges of owning a guest house is being a part of family reunions. Gerald Mitchel from California, visited Grecia for dental work and while in the area planned a small family reunion at La Terraza Guest House B&B. Gerald has been traveling to Costa Rica from the US for more than 20 years now. He has made several wonderful friendships in Grecia over the past four years.

Last month I received a phone call from Gerald explaining that his Aunt Kathleen Roberts & Belinda Little, family members from Albany, Georgia were coming to Costa Rica during his visit. Gerald advised us that he got wind of my place and wanted to come and take a look. This young man was specifically looking for a beautiful place for his Aunt and cousins to stay during their brief visit to Grecia.

To my surprise, both of these lovely ladies are widows like myself. When they came to visit with me, we bonded almost immediately. These ladies and I spent a lot of time reminiscing and shared countless personal stories of our life experiences. Aunt Kathleen is a retired school teacher, and Belinda is a retired civil servant. Her husband like mine was a military veteran.

Gerald’s family and friends visited with me for 3-4 days, and as customary, at La Terraza Guesthouse I went along on some jaunts to a few exceptional hangouts near and around Grecia. We visited Zarcero, Sarchi, Naranjo, and many shops. It was outstanding having a chance to meet Gerald’s friends and family. As a Senior it’s always exciting for me to meet other Seniors who enjoy traveling to cities outside of the US. It’s also incredible to witness younger family members take the time to keep us older members moving and motivated. Gerald, Kathleen, and Belinda, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your families brief reunion and adventure. You are all a delight and inspiration to many.
“Pura Vida”

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