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15 Jul

Single Female Travels Alone Safely in Costa Rica!!

A beautiful single lady, Gay Pulner from El Paso, Texas traveled alone to La Terraza Guest House three months ago. Before her arrival, we chatted on the telephone several times planning her adventure. Single, female, and traveling alone.  It appeared to me that her primary goal was to jump in a rental car and drive all over Costa Rica alone. My spiritual person spoke to me and said: “this woman is unbelievable, she must be nuts!”.

When Gay arrived at SJO airport, she called to inform me that she was making a 5-hour drive to Tamarindo, Costa Rica Immediately for one day.  Her plan was to check in at La Terraza Guesthouse the next day. I thought, there is no way this woman is going to make it to Grecia! Well, shame on me.  Gay went to Tamarindo and back without incident.

Spending time with me chatting for a few days, Gay shared her life story. I learned that she’s simply an amazing woman.  After some terrible tragedies, she learned to bounce back with a new luster for life. Gay is a daring Assistant DA, deep sea diver, snorkeler, motorcycle riding peace of DYNOMITE! When Gay left Grecia, she drove alone to a jungle retreat in Jaco for two days of adventure alone. She then drove to beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach for a couple of days before heading back to SJO for her return trip to El Paso, Texas.

More and more women are forgoing group or family travel in favor of solo trips. According to the Travel Channel, 32 million American women traveled alone in 2007. Although solo travel among women is on the rise, this is not justification for failing to take safety measures. It is still important for women to take extra precautions when traveling alone to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. And many times that process of bouncing back we must learn to do alone.

This dynamic woman reminded me that life could present us with many seemingly impossible challenges. Gays lesson was that no matter how devastating your challenges may be, we all must bounce back stronger. And many times that process of bouncing back we must do alone.  Dont be afraid to make a go of things alone as only good things await you.

“Pura Vida” Gay!! Thank you for shining your light on La Terraza Guest House.! 20160509_174600 20160502_135303 20160502_135942 Gay Pulner 2 Gay with monkey on head

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