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4 Feb

Sunny! Not Just a Word, Its a Name

As a Guest House Owner, I never know if or when my guest will return. About ten years ago I met a guest named Roy B., who let me know that he is an American entrepreneur living in China for many years and runs a very successful company. Roy also let me know that he has a beautiful wife named Sunny, who is a Chinese national and also is his business partner. Upon his first visit, Roy did not bring his wife, but I knew he was deeply in love naturally by listening to him talk about her. Over the years, Roy and his wife Sunny have visited La Terraza Guest House here in Grecia, Costa Rica numerous times. We not only have become good friends, but they are now a part of my family. Roy’s wife Sunny’s life story motivates me so much that I want to share it with you.

Sunny’s story is so awesome I can only give you the brief version. Sunny was born in China into a very affluent family in which her father was a well known Doctor. During the 1960’s there were a lot of political upheaval and power struggles in China. Because of this Sunny’s father and his family were relocated by force. One day a truck arrived, and they were relocated to what was then a rural city named Dandong with only the clothes on their backs. Dandong is the largest Chinese border city facing North Korea across the Yalu River.

Living in the country made the family desperate, so they had no choice but to forage for their food. Eventually, Sunny’s father the Doctor took up farming, as he started over with absolutely nothing. Her father’s drive and initiative, picking up various trades including farming to provide for his family helped him hold onto not only his dream but his dreams for the children.

Imagine being uprooted from the comforts of your home only to be dropped off in a foreign land with merely the clothes on your back. Sunny’s story teaches me that citizens even now, where ever you live can quickly become dispossessed. Many of us can lose our jobs, homes and livelihood in a matter of weeks. In America, we still have the eminent domain which is the right of the government to dispossess citizens and can create mass evictions. Sunny’s story tells us that no matter what someone or agency takes from you, they cannot steal your dream. Regardless of the problems Sunny’s father and her family faced they held onto the hope that she would be an intelligent, educated child. You see, in China, you have to pay for your child’s education.

20160128_140806_resized_2Sunny not only thrived but she went to school and excelled to the top of her classes; she later went to the top University in China. After she had completed, she began her career in technology. While working in a factory as an administrator, Sunny met her husband Roy serving as his interpreter. Sunny’s story tells us never to give up, and that nothing is impossible. I never know if a guest is coming back, but when they do we always become more than friends, we become family. Sunny and Roy I love you both so much!! Thank you for allowing me to share your story and Costa Rica adventures. Special thanks for being a part of my family. “Pura Vida.”

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